Who We are

V.S.International Films was founded by Deva Vijins in the year 1999 where he started his humble career in the distribution of Tamil and Malayalam movies. Over the past 20 years he expanded the business to provide different services like media copyright, media acquisition and aggregation, OTT Platforms, Youtube, Studio Facilities, Merchandising, Digital Streaming etc.

Currently the business activities has been expanded to languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and other North Indian languages, English and other International languages.
Our Acheivements

V.S.International Films on an Average does 100 film Certification every year.

Our Core Services
Movie Production
Digital Services
Content Acquisition
Movie Distribution
Movie Dubbing
Movie Certifications
Film Sales
Movie Production

Movie production is the process of making a motion picture. It begins with the development of a script, which is then used to raise money and hire a cast and crew. Once the film is financed, the pre-production phase begins, during which the director, cinematographer, and production designer work together to create a visual style for the film and scout locations. Principal photography, or the main shooting of the film, then begins. Once filming is complete, the film enters post-production, during which the footage is edited, sound effects and music are added, and special effects are created. The final step is distribution, which involves releasing the film to theaters or streaming services.
V S International Films

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking digital media services company dedicated to bringing exceptional services related to digital products and services.

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